Since its inception, VIMASTEC successfully puts technological innovation at the heart of its strategy.

The company has always been able to identify new trends

and opportunities while adapting to changing demand.

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HEVC H.265



The VIMASTEC VS1100  is the first in line with the new video technology HEVC H.265.More and more IPTV suppliers and broadcasters turn over to the new video system which provide a bandwidth reduction of 50%

The IPTV Set-Top Box, SMART VS1000 has proved to be successful in 100 countries as the most stable device. It has received recognition of the leaders in the telecommunication market.

High-performance dual-core Brahma15 10000 DMIPs ARMv7 processors, 2180p60 or dual 1080p60 decode and transcode capabilities

Specifications VIMASTEC VS 1000 E2 Linux Satellite Receiver

Specifications VIMASTEC VS 1500 E2 Linux Satellite Receiver

Broadcom linux OS E2 PVRCPU

dual threaded 750 MHz

256 MB NAND Flash memory

512 MB DDR3 memory

H.264 / MPEG4 – HD / DVB-S2 tuner

H.265 / HEVC up to 1080p

VP8/WEBM Google Codec

4-digit 7segment display

HDMI and SCART video output

SPDIF optical audio output

Ethernet-port (10/100 Mbit)

1 x Smartcard reader

USB 2.0 for USB Hub, HDD, WIFI or Vtuner

Advanced EPG – Electronic Program Guide

Support over 30 languages for OSD menu

Support E2 plugins like HbbTV

Support subtitle and teletext

Support Fastscan (OTA channellist)

Support Unicable LNB

DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & USALS

External power adapter (12V)



SoC  28-nm

Taktung in Mhz  1700

Cores  2

OpenGL ES  2.0

Smartcard Reader  1

Common Interface  1

Tuner wechselbar  2 x PNP

Tuner  je nach Model DVB-S/S2 oder DVB-C/T oder DVB-S2X

FBC Tuner  nein

EMMC Flash  4 GB

DDR Memory  1 GB

Festplatte  1 x Intern 2,5"

e-SATA  0

USB 2.0 vorne  1

USB 2.0 hinten  1

USB 3.0 hinten  1

LAN (max Mbps)  1000

H265  ja

max Auflösung  2160P

HDMI  Ja 2.0

YUV  nein

Scart  nein

A/V  ja

S/PDIF (optical)  Ja

RS-232  nein


Abmessungen (BHT)  33 x 22 x 5

Anzeige  VFD dot-matrix

Netzteil  Extern 12V

Verbrauch (FSD)  13,1W | 7,1W | 0,5W



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